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Capped at Thu 06:53 PM.LibTard
Meanwhile, in PA... "Are you sure these Biden-only ballots were delivered by the post office prior to the un-Constitutionally extended deadline?" - "Oh, yes sir." - "Then why is the ink still wet?"
Capped at Thu 06:27 PM.CK
It's been a long time since I've been searched.
Capped at Thu 06:25 PM.CK
Search me, Bob. But with gloves.
Capped at Thu 06:23 PM.CK
Search me, Bob. No really, search me, search me all over, here and now with no gloves.
Capped at Thu 06:18 PM.CK
More honest to goodness photos from the Mars Rover.
Capped at Thu 06:16 PM.CK
I got Gloria Steinem mixed up with Gertrude Stein and Oprah Winfrey sat on me.
Capped at Thu 05:20 PM.CK
I got Oscar Wilde mixed up with Edgar Allan Poe and Gertrude Stein slugged me.
Capped at Thu 05:18 PM.CK
I'm wearing a dress, can I join your club.
Capped at Thu 05:17 PM.CK
I do the wash because I want to, not because my wife makes me, so lay off!
Capped at Thu 04:42 PM.LibTard
Last summer: <Trump's foolish for promising COVID vaccines before 2021. Deep State bureaucracies will bog things down longer than that.> Now: <COVID vaccines are being distributed. No thanks to DJT.>
Capped at Thu 04:17 PM.LibTard
<In the news, DNC pulled every known dirty trick for Biden to win but now lament Trump for pursuing every legal method of throwing out fraudulent votes. But, liberal hypocrisy is not 'news' really.>
Capped at Thu 03:36 PM.CK
Break time over, back on the front lawn and don't forget your red cap and lantern.
Capped at Thu 03:33 PM.CK
Ignore her, she is from Venus and we are from Mars.
Capped at Thu 03:31 PM.CK
It's from Ricky Raccoon, he wants his tail back.
Capped at Thu 01:16 PM.CK
Now we get egg rolls.
Capped at Thu 01:12 PM.CK
There's more in the other nostril.
Capped at Thu 01:10 PM.CK
The necktie omelet was yummy.
Capped at Thu 07:20 AM.Blah
Oh blah politics blah go away blah
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Bert "144b" Tilley, December 21, 1963 to February 20, 2006.