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Capped at Sat 10:40 AM.CK
Moi, flamboyant? Prepare to be slapped silly.
Capped at Sat 10:36 AM.CK
Think it's safe to go home, or are the womenfolk still mad at us?
Capped at Sat 10:31 AM.CK
This should take care of that Keytar.
Capped at Sat 02:16 AM.flavio   
Never interrupt me when I am practicing my Keytar
Capped at Sat 01:19 AM.cambria36
Admonishes John Hancock for his flamboyant signature.
Capped at Sat 01:18 AM.cambria36
Oh, NO....not another Lib Tard pathetic posting...PLEASE.
Capped at Fri 11:18 PM.DL
Capped at Fri 07:46 PM.Chuckles
But last night you said my open toe stilettos looked faaabuulus.
Capped at Fri 07:43 PM.Chuckles
A beauty, a beast, a singing candlestick. Howza'bout it, huh?
Capped at Fri 07:40 PM.Chuckles
Talking over your head? Then stand up!
Capped at Fri 07:38 PM.Chuckles
I may have kicked him a little, but he started it.
Capped at Fri 04:57 PM.LibTard
"Relaxed mask restrictions? Perish the thought! I'm acclimated to my government treating me like an Islamic woman in Iran. How will I virtue signal now?" #2ndClassCitizen
Capped at Fri 04:37 PM.cambria36
Give Lib Tard "the finger".
Capped at Fri 04:36 PM.cambria36
Wanna monkey around ?
Capped at Fri 04:35 PM.LibTard
Democrat Donkey says: "Trump's an evil Nazi for calling oppressive regimes '$h!th0le Countries' but Biden's enlightened for calling states with relaxed COVID restrictions 'Neanderthals." #DblStandand
Capped at Fri 03:31 PM.DL
The Kool-Aid is watery, but the soup crackers are stale.
Capped at Fri 10:15 AM.CK
The wine is acidic, but the wafers are divine.
Capped at Fri 10:13 AM.CK
No one expects the Hokey Pokey SWAT Team.
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Bert "144b" Tilley, December 21, 1963 to February 20, 2006.