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Capped at Sun 04:49 AM.pekejebe
Now Mr. Jones, cover your eyes and don't look at all of the nasty instruments on my table.
Capped at Sun 04:49 AM.pekejebe
of political capping.
Capped at Sun 03:03 AM.pekejebe
Political captions always made Bob vomit.
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Capped at Sun 02:26 AM.pekejebe
Oh dear, looks like rain and without my umbrella, I will rust.
Capped at Sun 02:24 AM.pekejebe
I'm sorry Pierre, but we have a strict dress code. Your frilly dickey is not long enough to come in here.
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Capped at Sun 01:33 AM.KtmaMst3k
Margret rushed 14 Miles to Harding's Friendly Market in order to save $0.04 on rain cake mix.
Capped at Sun 01:29 AM.KtmaMst3k
"Yay! I accomplished absolutely nothing!"
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Capped at Sun 01:15 AM.KtmaMst3k
A rare glimpse at the Windows 58 Screen Saver.
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Capped at Sun 12:48 AM.pekejebe
Me Scar. Me like long walks, bananas, trees, ooh ooh aah aah. Lowered Expectations, #0001
Capped at Sun 12:36 AM.indigo
I slappa yu face!
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Capped at Sun 12:33 AM.KtmaMst3k
You really think I'm nightmare fuel?
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Capped at Sun 12:31 AM.indigo
I ain't signing Sherry's card, she laughed at my moustache.
Capped at Sun 12:30 AM.indigo
JacobPal = Noutati tehnologice...english please.
Capped at Sat 11:12 PM.JacobPal
Noutati tehnologice
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Capped at Sat 10:22 PM.KtmaMst3k
That has to be the lamest, and cheapest disco ball I've ever seen.
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Capped at Sat 09:40 PM.Thumbnail
It is a forgery, Thomas never signed the card.
Capped at Sat 09:38 PM.Thumbnail
Or, we could just go to the grocery store and buy some eggnog.
Capped at Sat 09:36 PM.Thumbnail
Now he will never forget to take out the trash.
Bert "144b" Tilley, December 21, 1963 to February 20, 2006.