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Capped at Sat 02:54 AM.AlienInvastionFleet
"Put out that damned cigarette!"
Capped at Sat 01:54 AM.Tommys_Dad
Young man to act as guide to south seas. Australian speaking shoe salesmen with combovers need not apply.
Capped at Sat 01:47 AM.flavio   
Meemaw flashes the paper boy
Capped at Sat 12:49 AM.LibTard
oO(Well, there it is in black&white; the 29th Amendment: Any government official hiring prostitutes to urinate on foreign bedding is heretofore considered treasonous & shall be impeached.) #fakenews
Capped at Sat 12:14 AM.Tommys_Dad
Remember, only YOU can END HOTALING.
Capped at Fri 11:55 PM.LibTard
"You Young Turks say that Sanders won his townhall on Fox? Not hard to do when he had no opponent."
Capped at Fri 11:32 PM.LibTard
"Great article covering Sanders' town hall on Fox, Lois. But as down as he is on ObamaCare, why didn't u ask y he voted for it? & then, what he is actively doing to eliminate DNC's Super-delegates?"
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Capped at Fri 10:25 PM.amjoan
Dear Inventing Situations: Yessir, it is a sad state of affairs when political captions dominate this once fun caption site.
Capped at Fri 10:11 PM.Tommys_Dad
Congratulations, it's a Clark Bar.
Capped at Fri 09:43 PM.flavio   
Is it a Clark Bar?
Capped at Fri 09:41 PM.flavio   
We now return to Glaucoma Theater
Capped at Fri 09:18 PM.Tommys_Dad
Arne Saknussemm jokes are no fun if ya hafta explain 'em.
Capped at Fri 07:49 PM.Thumbnail
It was only a few harmless Arne Saknussem jokes, honest.
Capped at Fri 06:50 PM.LibTard
"And in other news, despite a lack of evidence, we still expect you to believe that Russia, with a GDP less than South Korea, could swing a Presidential Election." #fakenews
Capped at Fri 06:47 PM.LibTard
AKA 'A good start with burying 10K lawyers'
Capped at Fri 05:12 PM.LibTard
"This is CNN...where Republicans are in trouble for things they don't do and Democrats don't get in trouble for things they actually do." #FlareCannedDalianced
Capped at Fri 04:40 PM.LibTard
"And in other news, Rep. Adam Schiff still won't release his evidence of Russia Collusion. Of course, he needs this non-issue as a club for a 2020 October Surprise." #InvestigateGate
Bert "144b" Tilley, December 21, 1963 to February 20, 2006.