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Latest Site News: Turkeys & Bringing Back mst (11/26/2015)
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Capped at Thu 07:41 PM.cambria36   
Damn...this cadaver has a boner.
Capped at Thu 07:40 PM.cambria36   
Will it EVER be dinner time?
Capped at Thu 04:26 PM.Tsunade   
Dave, you're thirty! How can you still be a virgin?
1 vote
Capped at Thu 04:23 PM.McFrenzy
Mind if I grab your gordita?
1 vote
Capped at Thu 03:27 PM.cambria36   
If you hire me, I promise to grow.
Capped at Thu 03:26 PM.cambria36   
Is there any nightmare worse than your mom finishing last in a sack race?
Capped at Thu 02:30 PM.Tommys_Dad
Well, it's fine for Tim and Faith, but do you have any other choices for tattoos?
Capped at Thu 02:28 PM.Tommys_Dad
"Can I come back now?"
2 votes
Capped at Thu 02:27 PM.Tommys_Dad
Cars were pretty economical in the '30s, but they'd really soak you for the extras.
4 votes
Capped at Thu 01:13 PM.cambria36   
Pigeon morgue.
Capped at Thu 12:59 PM.flavio   
Meanwhile at David Clayton Thomas' pad
1 vote
Capped at Thu 12:57 PM.flavio   
Make sure you don't take off this scarlet letter
Capped at Thu 12:54 PM.flavio   
Grab your gordita, we're going for a Cinco De Mayo drink!
Capped at Thu 11:43 AM.cambria36   
Not all vestals are virgin.
1 vote
Capped at Thu 10:31 AM.McFrenzy
Time for go to Janet Reno Dance Party..
1 vote
Capped at Thu 10:30 AM.McFrenzy
Don't go in there, they're serving Sanka.
Capped at Thu 10:25 AM.McFrenzy
What's that? Kasich dropped out? Won't be needing that new brain after all?
1 vote
Capped at Thu 07:44 AM.flavio   
Herb feels the daggers of shame for wearing white after Labor Day to the Ladies Auxiliary church supper
Bert "144b" Tilley, December 21, 1963 to February 20, 2006.