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Latest Site News: Turkeys & Bringing Back mst (11/26/2015)
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Capped at Fri 02:48 AM.Tommys_Dad
Too late guys, Tsunade and Pekejebe already got my lunch money.
Capped at Fri 02:20 AM.Tommys_Dad
Where'd my shirt go?
Capped at Fri 02:15 AM.Tommys_Dad
"You realize, of course, that when the movie's over, we're gonna hafta return these hats to the snack bar or box office."
Capped at Thu 11:58 PM.Tommys_Dad
"Now cough."
Capped at Thu 11:06 PM.torgone   
"Now cough."
Capped at Thu 10:52 PM.torgone   
"Oy! It's got real fruit flavah!"
Capped at Thu 08:06 PM.chainsawX
so i got that going for me eh!
Capped at Thu 11:48 AM.cambria36   
She's even searched under the peke, and over the jebe.
Capped at Thu 11:48 AM.cambria36   
Confesses to her husband that she's lost their daughter's bridal bouquet.
Capped at Thu 11:47 AM.cambria36   
Wonders where she put her daughter's bridal bouquet.
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Capped at Thu 11:46 AM.cambria36   
In his youth, Ronald Reagan felt "nice...like sugar 'n spice."
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Capped at Thu 03:46 AM.pekejebe
Oh no....I doo-wahed, when I should have diddy diddy dummed.
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Capped at Thu 01:26 AM.Tommys_Dad
o/` Doo wah diddy diddy dum diddy doo o/`
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Capped at Thu 12:33 AM.Tommys_Dad
Now is ze time on Sprockets vhen ve dance.
Capped at Thu 12:24 AM.Tommys_Dad
Your Windsong stays on my teeth.
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Capped at Thu 12:02 AM.torgone   
"I am the Viper! .. I vant to vipe your vindows."
Capped at Wed 08:51 PM.pekejebe
Tommys_Dad poses for Gladiator Weekly.
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Capped at Wed 05:49 PM.pekejebe
What you talkin bout Willis.....I know how to Doo Wah Diddy, it's sort of like Hotaling.
Bert "144b" Tilley, December 21, 1963 to February 20, 2006.