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Latest Site News: Turkeys & Bringing Back mst (11/26/2015)
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Active cappers: torgone
Capped at Fri 01:15 AM.torgone   
"I wonder if Rowsdower will call me .."
Capped at Fri 12:42 AM.torgone   
"I am incledurous."
Capped at Fri 12:19 AM.pekejebe
Translated: "Caw!"
Capped at Thu 11:42 PM.otweek
Jimmy always passed ut while he was listening to Pandora.
Capped at Thu 11:34 PM.flavio   
Prepare for A number 1 flow bee hair cut
Capped at Thu 11:20 PM.otweek
"your mouth never move in time with the words. What the f$@%# is wrg with you?"
Capped at Thu 08:23 PM.chainsawX
turkey day 2015 goes down as a ....whats the word....colonoscopy? no...Hotaling..no...a success!
Capped at Thu 08:18 PM.Tommys_Dad
ESTHER FURST? I barely even...
Capped at Thu 06:59 PM.Tommys_Dad
oO(How can he type upside down like that?)
1 vote
Capped at Thu 06:56 PM.Tommys_Dad
oO(It's black and white; I hope the bad guys don't know this is a red shirt.)
Capped at Thu 06:52 PM.Tommys_Dad
"Don't be ashamed, you did your best. Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got a gopher to get."
Capped at Thu 04:22 PM.Tommys_Dad
"Ya know Frank, there are some very effective dandruff shampoos on the market."
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Capped at Thu 04:20 PM.Tommys_Dad
"2009 Turkey Day Marathon at IS? You're soaking in it."
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Capped at Thu 04:16 PM.Tommys_Dad
o/` When an eel bites your thigh as your're just swimming by that's a moray. o/`
Capped at Thu 04:02 PM.otweek
"Otweek must have a f#$@% up keyboard. He keeps typimg: That's a moray?"
1 vote
Capped at Thu 03:59 PM.otweek
That's a moray?
2 votes
Capped at Thu 03:58 PM.otweek
That's A moray?
1 vote
Capped at Thu 03:46 PM.otweek
"Tell Otweek to quit eating at his computer desk and maybe his keyboard will work."
Bert "144b" Tilley, December 21, 1963 to February 20, 2006.