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Capped at Wed 02:13 AM.Tsunade   
This is why we don't let Nana drink at family reunions any more.
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Capped at Wed 01:52 AM.Tsunade   
Relase the hippie, Charles.
Capped at Wed 12:58 AM.torgone   
"I wear the suit, and I have the desk, so I'll make the disapproving mouth noises, thank you very much."
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Capped at Wed 12:50 AM.torgone   
are all out to get you.
Capped at Wed 12:44 AM.torgone   
"With this new portable phone I can move anywhere I want up to about nine feet from the wall plug!"
Capped at Wed 12:31 AM.torgone   
"What's a refrigerator?"
Capped at Tue 11:45 PM.Tommys_Dad
All I can see is Buffoon's ex-wife's heart.
Capped at Tue 11:35 PM.cambria36   
For the first time, Ralph notices that his sister has no tits.
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Capped at Tue 09:49 PM.Tommys_Dad
New toilet seat designed for Kim Kardashian. (Hang in there, Cambria.)
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Capped at Tue 07:07 PM.cambria36   
New toilet seat designed for Kim Kardashian. (i never give up)
Capped at Tue 04:03 PM.cambria36   
Hood ornament Hall of Fame?
Capped at Tue 04:02 PM.cambria36   
Got dentures and a flat-top on the same day.
Capped at Tue 04:02 PM.cambria36   
..and then hold the pillow tight over her face; presto, you're a bachelor again.
Capped at Tue 04:01 PM.cambria36   
Hanging chad elected Bush #2...sorta.
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Capped at Tue 03:36 PM.McFrenzy
We're going to need a bigger roasting pan.
Capped at Tue 01:16 PM.cambria36   
..who can barely be heard, now that he's dead.
Capped at Tue 09:13 AM.Tommys_Dad
Some assembly required.
Bert "144b" Tilley, December 21, 1963 to February 20, 2006.