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Capped at Wed 11:16 PM.cambria36   
(most of them can post humorous captions)
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Capped at Wed 11:12 PM.Tommys_Dad
oO(Jump to chat??)
Capped at Wed 11:08 PM.Tommys_Dad
It's kickin' in.
Capped at Wed 11:05 PM.cambria36   
(and don't tell "the public" to go f**k themselves.) Remember, we're the office of Courtesy. (snicker)
Capped at Wed 11:04 PM.cambria36   
Ever see a boxing match in a goldfish bowl? Me neither
Capped at Wed 11:03 PM.cambria36   
Senate luncheon: "Pass the f**king right wing of that turkey."
Capped at Wed 11:02 PM.cambria36   
Ever blot a completely dry spot? (me neither)
Capped at Wed 07:59 PM.Tsunade   
Tsunade heads out west, where the man to woman ratio is just how she likes it.
Capped at Wed 07:57 PM.Tsunade   
An all-star screengrab!
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Capped at Wed 07:25 PM.Tsunade   
This coat? My last husband was Grizzly Adams.
Capped at Wed 06:42 PM.cambria36   
Beware any soldier who tap-dances his way into the galley.
Capped at Wed 06:41 PM.cambria36   
Congressional lunch break?
Capped at Wed 06:39 PM.cambria36   
Yes, my name is Johnson...but I've never driven a van.
Capped at Wed 06:03 PM.pekejebe
Mary, don't go in the house....the jello is seducing people.
Capped at Wed 04:02 PM.Thumbnail
My jello is trying to seduce me.
Capped at Wed 03:42 PM.flavio   
Good bread, good meat, good gosh let's eat!
Capped at Wed 03:41 PM.flavio   
Who's on donut duty?
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Capped at Wed 02:32 PM.Tommys_Dad
*Tab squirts everywhere.*
Bert "144b" Tilley, December 21, 1963 to February 20, 2006.