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Latest Site News: Turkeys & Bringing Back mst (11/26/2015)
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Capped at Tue 09:53 AM.cambria36   
Genuflecting, or crapping? You be the judge.
Capped at Tue 09:51 AM.cambria36   
Hey...who stole the buffet?
Capped at Tue 09:51 AM.cambria36   
Herc's finest days.
Capped at Tue 09:49 AM.cambria36   
Type casting: Ben Frommer.
Capped at Tue 07:36 AM.flavio   
Remember - Two men enter, one man leave
Capped at Tue 07:34 AM.flavio   
How do you like the jammies Major Hochstetter bought me for Christmas?
Capped at Tue 05:39 AM.McFrenzy
Not much to do at this hour except go vote in New Hampshire.
Capped at Tue 04:34 AM.Tsunade   
"You taste like a giant Chocolate Gerson." "You taste like Pekejebe."
Capped at Tue 04:33 AM.Tsunade   
Doctor Zorka? He's Larry Zonka's evil twin brother.
Capped at Tue 03:21 AM.Tommys_Dad
Earl began to suspect the lutefisk had been well past its "Best By" date.
Capped at Tue 03:11 AM.Tommys_Dad
"Yeah, I feel the same way about decaf, lemme call and check."
Capped at Tue 03:05 AM.Tommys_Dad
Lot to Mrs Lot after finding out Pekejebe was a girl: "Go ahead and look, you know you want to."
Capped at Tue 03:04 AM.Tommys_Dad
In space, no one can hear your wife nagging you to stop and ask for directions.
Capped at Tue 02:45 AM.pekejebe
Where will you be when diarrhea strikes?
Capped at Tue 02:34 AM.pekejebe
Oh, the hills are alive with the sounds of music.
Capped at Tue 02:32 AM.pekejebe
Can you find Tommys_Dad in this picture?
2 votes
Capped at Tue 02:14 AM.torgone   
"You're gonna take this pill, Mister Fluffymittens!"
1 vote
Capped at Tue 02:03 AM.torgone   
"We fart in your general direction!"
Bert "144b" Tilley, December 21, 1963 to February 20, 2006.