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Latest Site News: Turkeys & Bringing Back mst (11/26/2015)
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Capped at Sat 11:31 PM.flavio   
My milkshake brings all the Sasquatch to the yard
Capped at Sat 11:29 PM.flavio   
Don't taze me, bro
Capped at Sat 09:33 PM.chainsawX
warren buffet and bill gates
Capped at Sat 09:28 PM.chainsawX
and for selling their souls to make this movie
Capped at Sat 09:18 PM.chainsawX
looks like the GOP won the election
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Capped at Sat 09:15 PM.chainsawX
while it doesnt grow hair on ones palms...masterbating can still have side effects
Capped at Sat 09:14 PM.chainsawX
guess he had an achy breaky heart....RIP
Capped at Sat 09:13 PM.chainsawX
some women breastfeed their kids at age 7...
Capped at Sat 09:12 PM.chainsawX
bad sales tactic #2 summoning satan while bringing intial sales usually doesnt end well
Capped at Sat 09:11 PM.chainsawX
willis was summoning the devil apparently...
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Capped at Sat 09:10 PM.pekejebe
Seriously, what you talkin bout Willis? I know the facts of life, it's diff'rent strokes for diff'rent folks.
Capped at Sat 09:08 PM.chainsawX
bad sales tatic: hiring chainsawx to get you customers
Capped at Sat 09:08 PM.chainsawX
fighting over the hemlock continues....
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Capped at Sat 09:04 PM.chainsawX
nurse noir leads the women of IS in a seance
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Capped at Sat 09:04 PM.chainsawX
another good sales tactic hiring Pekejebe and Tsuande to promote your product
Capped at Sat 09:01 PM.chainsawX
hmm did i forget my hairplugs today?
Capped at Sat 09:00 PM.chainsawX
Capped at Sat 09:00 PM.chainsawX
o/my heart will go on and onnnnn/o
Bert "144b" Tilley, December 21, 1963 to February 20, 2006.