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Capped at Sun 08:05 PM.Tommys_Dad
We don't smoke, we don't chew, Norfolk Norfolk Norfolk U!
Capped at Sun 05:45 PM.ROBOTCROWT
I have this fantasy.... of my dead father scrubbing my hair.
Capped at Sun 05:35 PM.ROBOTCROWT
Things has a girlfriend; Thing has a girlfriend!
Capped at Sun 05:29 PM.ROBOTCROWT
...has decided to throw his hat into the Republican Presidential ring. But then, again, who hasn't?
Capped at Sun 05:27 PM.ROBOTCROWT
We would cheer to end hotaling, too. .. if we knew what the **** it was.
Capped at Sun 05:25 PM.ROBOTCROWT
How ever DID Fingle do all this f****** scrolling without his i-pad?
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Capped at Sun 03:33 PM.Tsunade   
From left to right: Cambria's Sister, Tommy's Mom, Mrs. McFrenzy, and Torgone in drag.
Capped at Sun 03:31 PM.Tsunade   
.oO{ Dear Susan, would you go to the homecoming dance with me? I'll get a babysitter for my kids.)
Capped at Sun 03:30 PM.Tsunade   
I was told there wouln't be any more pictures from Mercutio's colonoscpy.
Capped at Sun 02:15 PM.cambria36   
In the early 1900s, women had to manufacture their own tampons.
Capped at Sun 02:14 PM.cambria36   
He's plowing.....no bull.
Capped at Sun 02:14 PM.cambria36   
Allow the Blues to win a game, now and then.
Capped at Sun 02:13 PM.cambria36   
Blues defeat Wild in a must win playoff game.
Capped at Sun 12:32 PM.Tommys_Dad
Why can't you be like Billy from The Family Circus?
Capped at Sun 11:54 AM.McFrenzy
Why can't you be like Billy from The Family Circus?
Capped at Sun 11:52 AM.McFrenzy
Are you now or have you ever been a member of the communist birthday party?
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Capped at Sun 11:49 AM.McFrenzy
Doesn't hurt much, but it sure does itch a lot.
Capped at Sun 12:57 AM.torgone   
Life's little helpers
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