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Capped at Fri 11:47 AM.Tommys_Dad
Wouldn't ya know it? Just when my vacation with Tsunade was going *swimmingly* they started running the credits.
Capped at Fri 11:34 AM.Tommys_Dad
"They'll go away eventually, just don't do anything cappable."
Capped at Fri 11:26 AM.Tommys_Dad
Well, gotta go, the timber train's about to pull out. Love, Cambria
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Capped at Fri 09:52 AM.cambria36   
Bye, dad....I'm joining Billy at the Bunny Ranch in Nevada....I love rabbits.
Capped at Fri 09:51 AM.cambria36   
...but for now you can forward my mail to Bunny Ranch, Nevada.
Capped at Fri 09:50 AM.cambria36   
..when I need cash.
Capped at Fri 09:50 AM.cambria36   
Was your dad really Moe Howard?
Capped at Fri 09:27 AM.flavio   
Your new nickname is Otis Spunkmeyer
Capped at Fri 09:24 AM.flavio   
It's a living
Capped at Fri 09:21 AM.flavio   
The inspector declared Officer Farquhar's beer gut - OSHA Certified
Capped at Fri 02:15 AM.Tommys_Dad
oO(Are those catalpa trees?)
2 votes
Capped at Thu 08:03 PM.chainsawX
when i post bail...
Capped at Thu 08:02 PM.chainsawX
1 vote
Capped at Thu 07:55 PM.Tommys_Dad
Love, McFrenzy
1 vote
Capped at Thu 07:41 PM.Tommys_Dad
The heartbreak of psoriasis.
Capped at Thu 01:45 PM.cambria36   
Photo of the entire Turkish Army.
Capped at Thu 01:44 PM.cambria36   
If you insist on eating the entire ham, at least let me have the pineapple slice.
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Bert "144b" Tilley, December 21, 1963 to February 20, 2006.