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Capped at Mon 07:55 PM.cambria36   
..cannot be found among political candidates, if their quotes have been accurate.
Capped at Mon 04:33 PM.pekejebe
Today on the 11 o'clock news. The full story of Mercutio's colonoscopy, with pictures captured from Inventing Situations.
Capped at Mon 03:58 PM.Tommys_Dad
Leggo my Eggo!
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Capped at Mon 03:46 PM.McFrenzy
is to stop you from pinging like a duck
Capped at Mon 03:45 PM.McFrenzy
Saturday has mysteriously disappeared with the Mayan Theater
Capped at Mon 03:43 PM.McFrenzy
Has mysteriously disappeared.
Capped at Mon 03:41 PM.McFrenzy
It's inflated just fine, no touch.
Capped at Mon 03:33 PM.flavio   
Cue Godfather theme
Capped at Mon 03:30 PM.flavio   
Draw, ya lilly livered guidance counselor!
Capped at Mon 03:27 PM.flavio   
Heya you crazy jiboni kid, come-a back here with-a that-a table cloth!
Capped at Mon 03:26 PM.flavio   
Sal Mineo in "The Last Funyun"
Capped at Mon 10:59 AM.Tommys_Dad
What I miss most about radio in the 1930s is the force field.
Capped at Mon 10:46 AM.McFrenzy
Sounds promising, so Netflix orders 6 episodes.
Capped at Mon 10:44 AM.McFrenzy
Edna, did you secretly switch my vodka with gin? You know how I feel about that stuff.
Capped at Mon 10:41 AM.McFrenzy
Did you secretly switch my coffee with Folger's crystals? You know how I feel about that stuff.
Capped at Mon 09:48 AM.cambria36   
Ever tickle your tit with a geiger counter?
Capped at Mon 09:47 AM.cambria36   
Never trust a Monica cigar.
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Capped at Mon 06:18 AM.Tommys_Dad
o/` Whoooo are you? Who who, who who? o/`
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Bert "144b" Tilley, December 21, 1963 to February 20, 2006.