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Latest chat comments:
pekejebe: TD - lol (06:09 PM)
Tommys_Dad: Good. My continued existance is validted. (06:11 PM)
pekejebe: it always was (06:11 PM)
pekejebe: lol (06:11 PM)
Tommys_Dad: After 844 months, sometimes one wonders. (06:12 PM)
pekejebe: you count the months? (06:13 PM)
Tommys_Dad: Party, presents, cake, etc.. . You bet! (06:13 PM)
pekejebe: ahhh good plan (06:14 PM)
Tommys_Dad: Sometimes, the spankings can get a little intese. (06:14 PM)
pekejebe: yeah i guess (06:16 PM)
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Sorry Mary, this Vulcan mind meld isn't working. I think you have to touch my face.

Stop it I tell you! I'm here for a colonoscopy, not breast rearrangement!

"I don't even *know* Prince Albert."

I don't know what to tell you. I woke up and people were using me as the Twister game, calling out "left foot yellow" and then I got someone's butt in my face.

Sometimes, when things were slow, they would wonder what was going on in the other screengrabs.

Another satisfied customer.

This is the Captain speaking again. Someone stole my lunch money........

Mary, that's a mighty ugly looking baby you have there.

"This one goes out to peke 'Spin Cycle' jebe. You can give me a thumb up any time."

Mr. B. Natural liked hanging around lockers.

This is your Captain speaking. Tonight we are showing the classic 1957 movie "Terror at Hi-Teen Carnival", starring Peter Graves.

...or Box Office. If you ever want to see your children aliave again, return the speaker you tore loose.

There goes another one of my little experiments gone horribly wrong. Hope it brings me back some liquor.

Stop clowning around and give me back my Circus Peanuts

This is so going into my diary, I'm sitting next to Secret Agent Super Dragon

Clear the table, I'm going full Wham-O

Oh, you'll never guess who waltzed back into my life today... Johann Strauss

Gimme a thumbs-up, or it's curtains.
Bert "144b" Tilley, December 21, 1963 to February 20, 2006.
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