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Capped at Sun 06:28 PM.Nerikull
"...you have a kind face."
Capped at Sun 06:23 PM.Nerikull
It's a black & white film...I can't tell if it's a little pink house or not..
Capped at Sun 04:57 PM.Tommys_Dad
What do you mean there's a squid on my head?
Capped at Sun 04:52 PM.Tommys_Dad
"Don't hate me because I'm beautiful."
Capped at Sun 04:49 PM.Tommys_Dad
oO(I can't belive I left the shampoo in the fridge.)
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Capped at Sun 04:49 PM.McFrenzy
P.S. Sampo in fridge
Capped at Sun 03:30 PM.Tommys_Dad
See if you can reach the facebook icon."
Capped at Sun 03:29 PM.Tommys_Dad
The 1960s stole my lunch money.
Capped at Sun 03:20 PM.Tommys_Dad
Grey Zombie's underpants cam.
Capped at Sun 03:19 PM.cambria36   
One she feels the right size, she'll ask him to dance.
Capped at Sun 02:22 PM.cambria36   
Looks as if she just BREXIT (took her bra off).
Capped at Sun 02:20 PM.cambria36   
She always wears grizzly ear-muffs when she takes a nap on a rocky mountain slope.
Capped at Sun 02:12 PM.chainsawX
she seems nice
Capped at Sun 02:12 PM.chainsawX
so flavio, pekejebe, tsunade and nurse noir go camping...
Capped at Sun 01:48 PM.Tommys_Dad
Readyyyy FIGHT!
Capped at Sun 01:24 PM.ROBOTCROWT
Connors, why do you want to join a gay rights parade in NY when you have all of us right here? Oh,right. Asked and answered.
Capped at Sun 01:16 PM.flavio   
Mannix could not believe his luck
Capped at Sun 01:15 PM.flavio   
Get me some bourbon and a pack of Camel non filters, chop chop!
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