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Capped at Tue 08:24 PM.otweek
"The touchdown is good and we're all tied up."
Capped at Tue 07:51 PM.Tommys_Dad
*Sniff* Your Wind Song stays on my mind.
1 vote
Capped at Tue 05:00 PM.Tommys_Dad
They... um... SHE seems nice.
Capped at Tue 04:57 PM.Tommys_Dad
Screw the white zone. Screw the red zone. Screw the passengers. What about MY NEEDS?!
Capped at Tue 04:49 PM.Tommys_Dad
Capped at Tue 04:46 PM.Tommys_Dad
You got wine in my chocolate. You got chocolate in my wine.
Capped at Tue 04:15 PM.McFrenzy
Wake me before you go go.
Capped at Tue 04:09 PM.McFrenzy
Yes, but does it make waffles AND pancakes?
Capped at Tue 04:08 PM.McFrenzy
Mom, come look at my room, it looks just like Jimmy Kimmel's dressing room.
Capped at Tue 04:02 PM.McFrenzy
I got the she-goat, a cabbage and the wolf across the river, can I leave now.
1 vote
Capped at Tue 03:23 PM.cambria36   
That isn't what I meant when I asked if you wanted to neck for awhile.
Capped at Tue 03:22 PM.cambria36   
How about the next dance?
Capped at Tue 12:58 PM.Tommys_Dad
Oh yeah, definitely bigger'n Jack Palance.
2 votes
Capped at Tue 12:24 PM.Tommys_Dad
We now rejoin tonight's feature presentation "A Mordor Christmas" already in progress.
Capped at Tue 12:08 PM.Tommys_Dad
Go ahead, you know you want to. Well, I know I want you to.
Capped at Tue 12:07 PM.Tommys_Dad
Leggo... my... Eggo...
Capped at Tue 12:05 PM.flavio   
Wow. Et tu Flatus. Open a window
Capped at Tue 12:03 PM.Tommys_Dad
"Hey, is that a quarter?"
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