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Capped at Mon 09:36 AM.cambria36   
Only the super-perverted got kicked out of ancient Rome.
Capped at Mon 09:35 AM.cambria36   
Let's go get some nookie.
Capped at Mon 04:24 AM.Tsunade   
No, this is Nurse Nore. You must have the wrong number.
1 vote
Capped at Mon 03:18 AM.Tsunade   
Trichogramma wasps found my hat... mistook it for a caterpillar.
Capped at Sun 11:31 PM.chainsawX
What happened Bob you lose a bet?
Capped at Sun 11:30 PM.chainsawX
We are out of the bloomin onion you will have to settle for pudding
Capped at Sun 11:28 PM.Tommys_Dad
Bloomin' Onion Chapeau
Capped at Sun 11:20 PM.chainsawX
I already told you you will shoot your eye out brat
2 votes
Capped at Sun 11:14 PM.torgone   
"I wonder if there's beer on earth .."
1 vote
Capped at Sun 09:53 PM.pekejebe
Capped at Sun 08:26 PM.chainsawX
if your gonna live with me your gonna have to learn to like grits
Capped at Sun 08:24 PM.chainsawX
i thought i was taking the dog in to be fixed.."sob"
1 vote
Capped at Sun 08:23 PM.chainsawX
your a little too dressed up to play pokemon go
Capped at Sun 08:22 PM.chainsawX
Hey timmy wanna play CUJO?
Capped at Sun 08:22 PM.chainsawX
well who is going to tell timmy about this s**t
1 vote
Capped at Sun 08:21 PM.chainsawX
she doesnt seem nice
Capped at Sun 08:20 PM.chainsawX
Pokemon go says there is a pickachu right over there
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