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Capped at Sun 05:31 PM.pekejebe
I'm running away with Mary, for $20, same as at camp.
Capped at Sun 04:29 PM.flavio   
Anemone Chapeau
Capped at Sun 04:22 PM.Tommys_Dad
Try this, it made Kota forget his password.
Capped at Sun 04:18 PM.Kotafhpw
Dear T.D. - gotta run.
Capped at Sun 04:18 PM.Kotafhpw
Now you're talking
Capped at Sun 04:17 PM.Kotafhpw
Sure I'm voting for Hillary (fingers crossed behind his back)
Capped at Sun 04:16 PM.Tommys_Dad
After MST3K was cancelled, Tom Servo found work as a court bailiff.
Capped at Sun 04:16 PM.Kotafhpw
Just remembered that it was himself, not his client who had murdered his sister
Capped at Sun 04:15 PM.Kotafhpw
Unlike on the elevator, no one was sure who had farted
Capped at Sun 04:14 PM.Kotafhpw
Yes, it DOES seem awfully "black and white" in here
Capped at Sun 04:13 PM.Kotafhpw
Smiles because he can't smell a thing since his nose got smashed in.
Capped at Sun 04:13 PM.Tommys_Dad
Worst. O-face. EVER!
Capped at Sun 04:12 PM.Tommys_Dad
An apple for the judge is never a bad idea.
Capped at Sun 04:12 PM.Kotafhpw
Do you smell that? I think Kota's back with those stale captions of his
Capped at Sun 04:12 PM.Kotafhpw
Yes, your honor, it HAS been a while since KOTA did any capping.
Capped at Sun 04:10 PM.Kotafhpw
In case you have only been getting the Minimum Alexander
Capped at Sun 04:08 PM.Kotaforgothispassword
They deny knowing me . . . the hell?
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Bert "144b" Tilley, December 21, 1963 to February 20, 2006.