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Capped at Wed 12:02 PM.Tommys_Dad
Much of my vacation with Mistress Tsunade was spent waiting while she "disciplined" another member of the entourage.
Capped at Wed 11:24 AM.cambria36   
Sure I'm comfortable. Why do you ask?
Capped at Wed 11:23 AM.cambria36   
Reusable tampons? For an all-male crew? What the Hell is NASA thinking?!?
Capped at Wed 11:22 AM.cambria36   
What makes you think you out-rank me? Your uniform is just as silly as mine.
Capped at Wed 10:58 AM.cambria36   
Not all caves have doors, and lighted dungeons.
Capped at Wed 10:57 AM.cambria36   
Hey, Ma...it's Eddy. I'll bet you can't guess where the f**k I am right now.
Capped at Wed 10:56 AM.cambria36   
Never thought he'd need a toothbrush on another planet.
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Capped at Wed 09:52 AM.flavio   
After I left Kukla and Fran, I started drinking heavily
Capped at Wed 01:51 AM.Tommys_Dad
"Do you have Prince Albert in a can?"
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Capped at Wed 01:48 AM.Tommys_Dad
Menage a Thing?
Capped at Wed 01:47 AM.Tommys_Dad
"Say, are those catalpa trees?"
Capped at Wed 12:42 AM.torgone   
"Welcome to Fatso's. I'm Fatso - I'll be your server and cook tonight. Incidentally, if you call me Fatso, I will spit in your food."
Capped at Wed 12:40 AM.torgone   
"Must be jelly cause jam don't shake like that .."
Capped at Wed 12:36 AM.torgone   
"Now cough."
2 votes
Capped at Tue 08:42 PM.chainsawX
you seem nice but you would seem nicer without that shirt on
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Capped at Tue 08:41 PM.chainsawX
First rule of Egah club...you dont talk about Egah club
Capped at Tue 08:40 PM.chainsawX
is that a cowlick or are you just happy to see me
Capped at Tue 08:22 PM.chainsawX
now cough
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