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Capped at Sun 04:42 AM.pekejebe
Now....listen to my voice...you do not remember it was $20, same as in town.
Capped at Sat 11:51 PM.torgone   
"I love how the smell of your beer-sweat combined with cigarette smoke enhances the erotic feel of your fat, hairy man-boobs ..."
Capped at Sat 11:49 PM.torgone   
"Thanks for the ride, Gramma .. I'll walk from here .."
Capped at Sat 11:48 PM.torgone   
"Have you heard the word of our lord? *BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! BLAM!* ... Have a nice day!"
Capped at Sat 11:45 PM.torgone   
She seems nice.
Capped at Sat 10:57 PM.torgone   
"Your coat is so blotchy, I'm going to call you "Stains". Come, Stains!"
Capped at Sat 10:10 PM.flavio   
The verbalization one makes while vomiting Beeferoni
1 vote
Capped at Sat 10:07 PM.flavio   
And lo, Moses fell from his hoverboard
Capped at Sat 10:07 PM.flavio   
Jesus, can't any of these humans stay out of trouble?
Capped at Sat 10:04 PM.flavio   
Screenplay by Shakes a Spear
Capped at Sat 10:02 PM.flavio   
Um, England?
Capped at Sat 06:58 PM.pekejebe
Here at IS, we take a dim view of WMU, or "Whatsa Mattayou" University. If we see anyone from WMU, we punch them.
1 vote
Capped at Sat 06:09 PM.cambria36   
I think he's takin' a peke at a genuine jebe.
1 vote
Capped at Sat 06:08 PM.cambria36   
Pissed off to discover his dance-card is filled with boy's names.
Capped at Sat 06:07 PM.cambria36   
Don't worry, dear. At least I thought your "shakes a spear" caption was funny.
1 vote
Capped at Sat 06:05 PM.cambria36   
In broken German accent, "I'll be back."
1 vote
Capped at Sat 05:45 PM.ROBOTCROWT
My political affiliations should be obvious. I lean to the right.
Capped at Sat 05:06 PM.ROBOTCROWT
I'll only raise one are; I'm only half sure.
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