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Capped at Wed 12:18 PM.Tommys_Dad
Learned the hard way not to stare at Wanda.
Capped at Wed 11:34 AM.McFrenzy
There, Wanda, can you stare at it now.
Capped at Wed 11:33 AM.McFrenzy
Go ask Alice not to stare at Wanda
Capped at Wed 11:30 AM.McFrenzy
Today on Staring At Wanda...
Capped at Wed 11:29 AM.McFrenzy
See what happens when Wanda stares at it.
Capped at Wed 11:24 AM.cambria36   
Both are delighted by his random boner.
Capped at Wed 11:20 AM.cambria36   
Like Levi's?
Capped at Wed 11:20 AM.cambria36   
Want to piss off people at a Star Trek convention? Go sign your autograph to a bunch of William Shatner photos.
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Capped at Wed 10:55 AM.Tommys_Dad
Unfortunately, the "little man in the boat" turned out to be the elusive Robert Denby.
Capped at Wed 10:53 AM.Tommys_Dad
It's no use, I can't do it with everybody watching.
Capped at Wed 10:49 AM.Tommys_Dad
o/` Ooooooklahoma... o/`
Capped at Wed 10:39 AM.cambria36   
Desperately looking for his twin.
Capped at Wed 10:22 AM.cambria36   
..both suck 22 hours a day, on average.
1 vote
Capped at Wed 09:01 AM.flavio   
I don't feel good about you using your witchcraft to click on that thumb, Sam
Capped at Wed 04:08 AM.Tsunade   
Tonight, on "Cooking in the Lab," we'll show you how to make Vodka Pickled Eel.
Capped at Wed 04:06 AM.Tsunade   
Somebody's navigator's been inhaling a bit much Spice...
Capped at Wed 04:05 AM.Tsunade   
The original 'Rainbow Gathering.'
1 vote
Capped at Wed 04:05 AM.Tsunade   
o/` "It's a beautiful day in the laboratory... a beautiful day in the laboratory... Would you be mine?" o/`
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