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Capped at Fri 11:03 PM.flavio   
I regret nothing!
Capped at Fri 09:52 PM.pekejebe
Pekejebe enjoys this repeat movie on Inventing Situations.
Capped at Fri 08:43 PM.pekejebe
Manspreading became the thing to do.
Capped at Fri 08:40 PM.cambria36   
Cross you legs, for Pete's sake. Have you no modesty whatsoever.?
1 vote
Capped at Fri 08:16 PM.cambria36   
Peke angrily leaves Jebe.
1 vote
Capped at Fri 08:15 PM.cambria36   
Why people leave Utah.
Capped at Fri 08:14 PM.cambria36   
Why people leave Colorado.
Capped at Fri 08:13 PM.cambria36   
I've been at sea for six months, and you AIN'T IN THE MOOD ???!!!???
1 vote
Capped at Fri 03:46 PM.McFrenzy
Good luck, Tommy's Dad.
Capped at Fri 12:07 PM.Tommys_Dad
Hey, it was a really funny caption, and nobody else was gonna vote for it. If Gerson steps in to wish me good luck, I'm rushing the door.
Capped at Fri 11:45 AM.Tommys_Dad
"Yeah, cramps can be a bitch. Or so I hear."
Capped at Fri 11:43 AM.Tommys_Dad
The icons are just for the cappers. Try to ignore them and get on with the movie.
Capped at Fri 11:37 AM.Tommys_Dad
And NEVER touch this, it releases the Kraken.
1 vote
Capped at Fri 11:36 AM.Tommys_Dad
"Don't touch that, it switches between Caption and Chat."
Capped at Fri 11:36 AM.Tommys_Dad
"And this, kids, is where it all happens. Welcome to the Inventing Situations Control Room."
1 vote
Capped at Fri 10:44 AM.McFrenzy
Capped at Fri 10:43 AM.McFrenzy
Is that a snake?
Capped at Fri 10:42 AM.McFrenzy
Letterman gets a ride home.
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