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Capped at Wed 08:15 PM.chainsawX
naughty projector....naughty
Capped at Wed 08:15 PM.chainsawX
is that a rocket in your pocket or are you just happy to see me
Capped at Wed 03:54 PM.flavio   
Well, well, well, are you sure you're not Tommy's brother?
Capped at Wed 03:52 PM.flavio   
Wait'll they get a load a me
1 vote
Capped at Wed 03:41 PM.cambria36   
Windows 10 is beginning to piss me off.
Capped at Wed 03:40 PM.cambria36   
In-door pool.
Capped at Wed 03:39 PM.cambria36   
High School assembly featuring an on-stage farting contest.
1 vote
Capped at Wed 03:38 PM.cambria36   
Immediately regrets trying the milking machine on his penis.
Capped at Wed 12:21 PM.Tommys_Dad
"Myrna, how come flavio never chases you like that?"
1 vote
Capped at Wed 11:55 AM.cambria36   
Self circumcision isn't recommended by the AMA
1 vote
Capped at Wed 11:34 AM.Tommys_Dad
Well, you can't very well expect the elusive Robert Denby to just waltz over to the snack bar or box office.
2 votes
Capped at Wed 11:32 AM.Tommys_Dad
When God sneezes.
1 vote
Capped at Wed 11:23 AM.Tommys_Dad
oO(She seems nice.)
2 votes
Capped at Wed 11:23 AM.Tommys_Dad
Cambria, is that the timber tractor?
Capped at Wed 10:48 AM.McFrenzy
I'm not talking until my indigenous Eskimo lawyer gets here.
Capped at Wed 10:45 AM.McFrenzy
I tractor for the great taste of Purina cat chow, chow chow chow.
1 vote
Capped at Wed 10:43 AM.McFrenzy
Doctor, doorknobs look like corn dogs to me. "Which would explain their moistness. Never invite me to your home again. "Even for 2uince?" Except for 2uince.
Capped at Wed 10:37 AM.McFrenzy
Runs on 2uince, you say, seems like a waste of 2uince. "You're a waste of 2uince." Hey! "Hi."
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