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Capped at Mon 04:05 PM.flavio   
Wheelies of The Planet of The Apes
Capped at Mon 03:39 PM.cambria36   
Flipping ~ heads, or tails.
Capped at Mon 02:55 PM.cambria36   
cambria36's ex-wives.
Capped at Mon 02:55 PM.cambria36   
Lumberjack ???
Capped at Mon 01:37 PM.Tommys_Dad
Why not just return it to the snack bar or box office?
Capped at Mon 01:08 PM.Thumbnail
Psst, Bob, what you get for 2uince to the 2uince?
1 vote
Capped at Mon 01:07 PM.Tommys_Dad
Oh good, maybe they'll have the latest on the SEARCH PARTY.
Capped at Mon 12:55 PM.Tommys_Dad
Here, we see the mother plane teaching her brood to fly.
Capped at Mon 12:52 PM.Tommys_Dad
Early smart phones tended to be a bit cumbersome.
Capped at Mon 12:50 PM.Tommys_Dad
"Did someone leave the cake out in the rain?"
Capped at Mon 08:38 AM.Nurse_Noir
o/^ AAAAaaaaaaaave Mariiiiiaaaa... o/^
1 vote
Capped at Mon 08:25 AM.Nurse_Noir
Not to mention the right to CRAP at work! (Howdy!)
3 votes
Capped at Sun 02:38 PM.Tommys_Dad
I say we include the Right To Cap At Work.
1 vote
Capped at Sun 12:53 PM.Thumbnail
Look at ya, thinking ur all hotaling and stuff.
1 vote
Capped at Sun 12:51 PM.Thumbnail
Dolly called, she needs more wood.
Capped at Sun 08:09 AM.Tsunade   
Texas-themed restaurants followed in the wake of the Texan invasion.
Capped at Sun 05:40 AM.Tsunade   
Two Texans go over the plans to conquer Utah in a plot to get some good national parks.
3 votes
Capped at Sun 04:36 AM.Tsunade   
Texas spreads to other states. Kansas and several other states declare martial law.
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