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Capped at Wed 09:03 PM.pekejebe
Hey Bob, our safe word is "nuh-uh".
Capped at Wed 09:02 PM.pekejebe
flavio says the safe word is "ringworm". That's a very woody word.
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Capped at Wed 08:48 PM.flavio   
Our safe word is "ringworm". Agreed?
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Capped at Wed 08:46 PM.flavio   
Wanna know what makes me so cheerful all the time? I put a slice of bologna in each shoe before I put them on in the morning.
Capped at Wed 07:42 PM.pekejebe
Yeah, we did have an alien run across the counter just last week. He was singing "hello, my baby".
Capped at Wed 06:49 PM.pekejebe
Don't have a cow! You can use the udder creamer.
Capped at Wed 06:47 PM.pekejebe
Bob: You call that a corsage? Mary: It was the corsage I wore at prom, but you were too cheap to get me a hat, so I recycled it.
Capped at Wed 06:37 PM.Thumbnail
Whack me again, I like it.
Capped at Wed 06:35 PM.Thumbnail
You can kiss me and my hat goodbye, the Singapore Dance Troupe is getting back together.
Capped at Wed 06:19 PM.flavio   
It's good to be Canadian eh? How about a toke before we head oot to the Maple Leafs game?
Capped at Wed 06:08 PM.pekejebe
Try this new spray: ReCaptcha BeGone!
Capped at Wed 05:01 PM.Tommys_Dad
1 vote
Capped at Wed 04:33 PM.Ryualezbyn
Get out of the pool Jim.. the children are coming.
Capped at Wed 04:32 PM.Ryualezbyn
Bleached for your convenience!
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Capped at Wed 04:15 PM.Ryualezbyn
Hi, I'm J.R. Bob Dobbs. I smoke FROP in my pipe because now it's legal in Canada!
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Capped at Wed 02:51 PM.Tommys_Dad
"Maybe we should put something in about all those ReCaptcha caps."
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Capped at Wed 02:48 PM.Tommys_Dad
1 vote
Capped at Wed 02:42 PM.Tommys_Dad
Famous last words: It's just a Pepsi commercial, Mr Jackson, what could possibly go wrong?
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