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Capped at Thu 03:22 PM.CK
I hereby find you guilty of staring deeply into my eyes with wanderlust.
Capped at Thu 03:20 PM.CK
I killed my lawyer. Can I have another one?
Capped at Thu 03:15 PM.CK
You are not man enough to handle my pinking shears.
Capped at Thu 01:19 PM.CK
Other than gutting the Elf On A Shelf, she's a good girl.
Capped at Thu 01:15 PM.CK
Bowling For Lamp Shades or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Michael Moore.
Capped at Thu 01:13 PM.CK
Nervous? It's getting closer and closer.
Capped at Thu 01:11 PM.CK
Hat or head trauma? You make the call.
Capped at Thu 10:35 AM.TallyMeBanana
Chillin with the Biden's.
Capped at Thu 06:24 AM._
All agree to ban LibTard
Capped at Thu 02:10 AM.flavio   
Stupid Dutch Elm disease!
Capped at Thu 02:07 AM.flavio   
Edward Chopstixhands
Capped at Thu 02:05 AM.flavio   
Little known fact - Fannie Flagg was a Super Star in Bogata
Capped at Thu 12:36 AM.bannerman1million
*insert Bob Ross joke here*
Capped at Thu 12:35 AM.bannerman1million
"Ah, my diploma from Dramatic Angle University. Good ol' DAU."
Capped at Thu 12:34 AM.bannerman1million
*Wandavision is filmed in front of a confused and occasionally terrified audience*
Capped at Thu 12:34 AM.bannerman1million
Hey, Captain America, I don't bother you when you're pimp-slapping Hydra, do I?
Capped at Thu 12:33 AM.bannerman1million
.oO "Because it's there." BRILLIANT! Oo.
Capped at Thu 12:32 AM.bannerman1million
SOMEone's sucking up to the ferryman at the Styx, apparently.
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Bert "144b" Tilley, December 21, 1963 to February 20, 2006.