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Bake Your Own Turkey Weekend 2004

Here at Inventing Situations, we've tried to carry on the tradition of the Mystery Science Theater 3000 Turkey Day marathons by staging our own . Starting at 12 noon EST, Wednesday, November 24th we'll be offering fans a chance to make their own captions for stills from as many of the films used on MST3k as we can get access and rights to. Since we don't have the money to get rights to anything, we'll just offer up the raw unmstied versions of as many of the public domain [1] films we can get our hands on. As usual, we've got a number of films that are NEW to Inventing Situations this year and we've even got the original theatrical trailers of a few films, and hope to get some new screengrabs for a few of the returning films.

New for 2004: [103] The Mad Monster, [105] The Corpse Vanishes, [320] Appreciating Our Parents, [411] The Magic Sword, [414] Tormented, [509] Girl In Lover's Lane, [514] Is This Love?, [902] The Phantom Planet, [912] Robot Rumpus.
Plus trailers for [602] Invasion U.S.A., [623] The Amazing Transparent Man, [804] The Deadly Mantis
And returning with new grabs after a year's absence, [513] The Brain That Wouldn't Die.

Meanwhile, at the Glitterdome, caution will be thrown to the wind as actual episodes of mst will be offered for captioning on the Cap Board.

While you're waiting for the feast to begin, feel free to check out what's available for capping now.

Be sure to check out Daddy-O's Drive In Dirt, which is a valuable source of information on these films.

A look at years past: 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002

Below is a list of the features and shorts we'll be playing. The shorts always remain in regular rotation here, and the films still show up as SOL Classics in our feature film rotation.

Thanks, the Management

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From Season 1
The Crawling Eye
Featured in episode [101].
Courtesy of rickubis. The film that started it all. If you don't count the KTMA eps. Which you really should.
Great, another Ben Stein ad Radar Men From The Moon
Serial shown in episodes [102], [103], [105], [107], [108], [109], and [110].
9 jet-pack-riffic episodes (This time we're skipping the three that never even made it to MST.)
Available at archive.org
Bombs away!

Get over here and give your gran'ma a big hug. The Robot Vs. The Aztec Mummy
Featured in episode [102].
Hats by T's of El Paso. The Mad Monster
Featured in episode [103].
There's a monster. And he's not happy.
Courtesy of the archive.org Feature Film collection. [2]
Download it now.

  Ciao to you too, Moldy. The Corpse Vanishes
Featured in episode [105].
Bela Lugosi's not dead in this one, and neither is his co-star Tris Coffin, but that doesn't keep Bela from sleeping in a coffin.
Available at archive.org

From Season 2
Earth to Bugs Bunny, come in Bugs Bunny. Rocketship X-M
Featured in episode [201].
A classic Lippert film with Lloyd Bridges, Noah Beery Jr. and Hugh O' Brian
You rang? The Phantom Creeps
Serial shown in episodes [203], [205] and [206]
The serial that simplifies everything.
With Bela. Directed by Ford "Butterfinger" Beebe.

  Previously on AMP First Spaceship On Venus (with trailer)
Featured in episode [211].
Trailer courtesy of the Sabucat Archive. [2]
Download it now.
Feature courtesy of me.

From Season 3
Lampshades are bad. Mmmmkay? The Home Economics Story
Short shown with [317] Viking Women and the Sea Serpent.
Courtesy of the Prelinger archive. [2]
Download it now.
Come on, I know you've got some change in there. Appreciating Our Parents
Short shown with [320] The Unearthly.
But unlike the MST version, this one is in color!
Courtesy of the A/V Geeks archive. [2]
Download it now.

Santa Claus Conquers The Martians
Featured in episode [321].
The title explains it all. All except for Dropo. Nothing explains him.
Available at archive.org
At times like this, I'm glad I don't have a chimney. Master Ninja
Featured in episode [322].
Lee Van Cleef. Demi Moore. Timothy Van Patten.
I fell on my keys

From Season 4
Some people just know how to live Giant Gila Monster
Featured in episode [402].
Courtesy of rickubis.
Available at archive.org
Apparently, we've all been unspeakably naughty. Repent now. City Limits
Featured in episode [403].
Kim Cattrall, Rae Don Chong, Robby Benson, and James Earl Jones star in this post-apocalyptic romp. Keep an eye out for Kim's breasts and Dean Devlin.

  Now roll over Teenagers From Outer Space
Featured in episode [404].
Courtesy of rickubis.

And step two three four... Undersea Kingdom
Serial shown in episodes [406] and [409]
Ray "Crash" Corrigan and a ton of other folks. Weird, weird, weird, weird.
Courtesy of the archive.org Feature Film collection. [2]
Download them all now.
By this time... Attack Of The Giant Leeches
Featured in episode [406].
Courtesy of rickubis.

The Killer Shrews
Featured in episode [407].
Courtesy of rickubis.
Available at archive.org
Just another Saturday afternoon for me. The Indestructible Man
Featured in episode [409].
Lon Chaney Jr. and Casey Adams duel to see who can be more unattractive.
Available at archive.org
Stop calling me Dick.

Why you, I oughta Hercules Against The Moon Men
Featured in episode [410].
Two words: DEEP HURTING!
Courtesy of Xigeous.
No explanation needed. The Magic Sword
Featured in episode [411].
A star-studded Bert I. Gordon magical medieval detour. With Basil Rathbone, Estelle Winwood, Gary Lockwood, and of course, Merritt Stone.

Hercules And The Captive Women
Featured in episode [412].
Courtesy of Xigeous.
The Guardian at the Edge of Herc Tormented
Featured in episode [414].
The Notorious Bert I. Gordon brings us this spooky ghost story. And in case you were wondering about Tom Stewart, he killed me.
Courtesy of the archive.org Feature Film collection. [2]
Download it now.
I miss Jane Jarvis.

  Crash Of Moons
Featured in episode [417].
The Winkyocitor  

Short shown with [423] Bride of The Monster and [424] "Manos", The Hands of Fate.
Courtesy of the Prelinger archive. [2]
Download it now.
Isn't love lovely? Bride of the Monster
Featured in episode [423].
Bela Lugosi and Tor Johnson in a film that can only be described as Edwoodian.
From the world of Propdude where Groobee's rule.
May I tempt you with a canape?
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[1]Well, our best research indicates these films are public domain, but you may want to determine that for yourself before using these films in your own projects. Note that while the trailers we're running are in the public domain, the full feature films they're for may not be.

[2] The Prelinger, Feature Films, A/V Geeks, and Sabucat Archives are made available in cooperation with the Internet Moving Images Archive (at archive.org).

Bert "144b" Tilley, December 21, 1963 to February 20, 2006.