Everything you never wanted to know about Gerson, but didn't bother to ask.

All of the facts that follow are true, unlike the many lies that accompany them.
These are probably Garanimals.Gerson was born in 1972, just east of the Sea of tranquility, the largest of four children. Upon arriving in America with the crew of Apollo 17, he was quickly heralded as the third Beatle. After dropping out of high school at the age of forty, he completed work on the Trans-Siberian Railrod. Upon completion of his studies at the University of Buffalo, he began work as the Algerian Minister of Agriculture. Many of his reforms still stand today. It was after leaving Algeria that he was unable to remember where he left his keys, and consequently wrote most of Stephen King's earlier novels. Artistic differences led to the formation of a new band, where Gerson played keyboards and drums, but he was forced to kick himself out of the band due to his heavy lack of heroin usage. After funding ran out, he denied the rumors that were circling around him, several of them unfounded. In 1952, he and Mimi Eisenhower retired to a small chalet in Wisconsin.

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