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Welcome to Riffed Shorts (formerly Lost Cinema), the place to go to find lost gems of the cinema rediscovered. Then made fun of. In a staggering bout of unoriginalty, I take old films and riff them. I'm still working the kinks out of the system, so let me know if you have any troubles. I've added more file formats courtesy of the fine folks at archive.org, but may continue tinkering with the delivery methods.
Due to storage space limitations, each film will only be available here until the next film is available (although they'll still be at the archive). The original plan was to have a new film every month, but right now two a year is looking optimistic.

First up is the 1950 film Control Your Emotions. It helped teens of the day control all three of their emotions. Use the links on the right to download/stream. You can even check out the unriffed version over at the Prelinger Archive.

All contents Copyright 2003, 2004 Gerson Koenig.

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