Everything you never wanted to know about Gerson, but didn't bother to ask.

All of the facts that follow are true, unlike the many lies that accompany them.
These are probably Garanimals.Gerson was born in 1998, the oldest of four children, in a small town just outside of New York. After graduating high school at the age of five, he built a spontaneous combustion device, which led to occasional work as a session guitarist with Toto. While working with Thomas Edison to help invent aloe and corn flakes, he accidentally discovered the Mississippi Blues, which Edison promptly patented. After several years helping to polish the Eifel Tower he returned to the US and finally received his GED from Mamaroneck High School. After missing the playoffs for five years running, he was traded for a power center. A lifelong fan of whales, he later fulfilled his dream of living amongst them, thanks to a long term grant from the Mexican government. After funding ran out, he moved to Osaka, where he's been making his living as a French performance artist and bug-tester.

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